Jerry Jacobs is the founder of Atlas Capital Management and President of the firm. He oversees the Atlas investment strategies and money management decisions. For 23 years prior to founding Atlas in 1993, Mr. Jacobs was a registered investment executive with major Wall Street investment firms, where he supervised and managed a variety of individual and institutional accounts. A graduate of Ball State University and the Investment Institute, Mr. Jacobs holds the designations of Certified Financial Planner and Certified Portfolio Manager.

Jerry competes nationally in the Fastest Growing Equestrian Sport in the Nation-- Cowboy Mounted Shooting. This is a fast, action timed event where the rider uses single action revolvers and lever action rifles at balloon targets in various patterns while riding a horse at full speed in the arena.  He has won multiple State, National and World competitions.  He also trains and shows Paso Fino horses and has won numerous competitions at the National Paso Fino show.  Should time permit he also might be found golfing or hunting.

Joshua A. Kneller

Senior Vice President

Josh is the Senior Vice President of Atlas Capital, his responsibilities include supervision of all daily trading activity of all Atlas Capital Management strategies as well as liaison with multiple trading desks, trust companies, annuity companies and mutual fund families. Prior to joining Atlas Capital in 2000, he was an investment representative with a major Wall Street Investment firm.

Josh hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana where he competed heavily in sports until college. He is an avid baseball player who still finds time to coach on the diamond. He was “lucky” enough to marry his High School sweetheart Kelly (who is just as competitive as Josh) together they have two kids each of which thrives in sports. Although his passions for contact sports will always be a part of him, the priorities have shifted just a bit as both kids are ultra-competitive USA swimmers and there are only 24 hours in a day.

Todd M. Clark

Chief Financial Officer

Todd is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Atlas Capital Management and an Investment Advisor Representative. His responsibilities include overseeing the daily business processes of Atlas Capital Management. He is also responsible for supervising his own management clients and still maintains an individual tax practice. Prior to joining Atlas in 2015 he spent almost 20 years as an investment advisor and tax advisor at a major Wall Street Investment firm.

When he’s away from the office, Todd enjoys playing tennis and is an avid golfer. He has made multiple hole-in- ones and also played professional golf for 3 years (unsuccessfully) on Florida mini-tours.

Deborah McCoy-Warstler

Relationship Manager, Client Services Team Leader

In 1993, as a Registered Sales Assistant with Mr. Jacobs she exited the major Wall Street investment firm to assist in the creation of Atlas Capital and was the first employee. As a relationship manager, Debbie works closely with the various custodians to develop and maintain strong relationships. She assists in the onboarding process and manages the execution of client service procedures efficiently and effectively at multiple custodians.

When she’s away from the office, Debbie enjoys training her Labrador retriever, Jewel, in Agility, Obedience, Field and Scent work where she holds a Masters Agility Championship (MACH) and also a Utility Dog (UD) Title. She enjoys Classic Rock music and can often be found relishing local bands (especially watching her husband a drummer). She has lived in 7 states, owns multiple 60’s muscle cars and kissed the Blarney Stone…twice!

Jennifer D. Gaerte

Relationship Manager, Client Services Team Leader

Jenny is dedicated to providing the highest level of professionalism and customer service. She works closely with multiple advisors to manage the execution of client service procedures, from facilitating the client on-boarding process to assisting clients/advisors with daily requests and account maintenance. She is the primary “problem solver” for several advisors when it comes to custodian servicing.

Jenny is an honorary member of the Mid Maryland “Punkin Chunkers” team and a full-fledged member of another team (Canon division). Not familiar with Punkin Chunkin? It features giant air cannons, catapults, trebuchets, slingshots and other devices launching gourds long distances. The Guinness world record shot is held by pneumatic cannon at 5,545.43 feet on September 9, 2010 in Moab, Utah. She likes to try out new recipes, especially baking and candy making and assists her husband with their family screen print/embroidery business. Jenny loves traveling, cruising the open waters and spending time with her husband and Boxer. Oh, and she is also a hunter!

Stacy Shearer

Relationship Manager, Client Services Team

Stacy provides comprehensive support to the entire firm by managing several day-to-day operations. Her various duties include managing the firm’s account receivables, processing new client accounts, and account maintenance. In addition to supporting the other relationship managers Stacy is the primary face-to-face contact with client or advisor visits and will go above and beyond to insure our clients and advisers get excellent service.

Stacy is married and has two grown children and one granddaughter.  She loves to travel and go to concerts and impatiently awaits the pandemic restrictions be lifted so she can once again enjoy live music and exploring the world; although in the summer her favorite pastime is relishing the time spent at the family lake home.  Stacy owned and operated a trucking/freight brokerage company for 13 years - therefore she has high regard for all business owners.  In her spare time she dabbles in painting and is still trying to master the art of crocheting.  

Cecilia  "Cee" Smith

Marketing Consultant

Cee joined the Atlas Capital Management team in September 2017 and is now considered their marketing consultant. She has formed a relationship with all of our existing representatives and looks forward to meeting the new advisers she can help bring on board. Prior to joining Atlas, Cee spent almost 20 years at Lincoln Financial Advisors in various roles, including money movement, service center, suitability review and asset management.

Cee served 4 years in the U.S. Army 1977 – 1981, mostly in Germany. Her oldest son is a career non- commissioned officer. She is on a bowling league, loves the outdoors, yard games, reading, golfing, playing euchre and board games. There will always be some sort of yard game going on in the summer at her house – pick up a racquet and shuttle cock and let’s play a game of badminton.

Reed Diller

Investment Advisor Representative

New addition to the Atlas team, Reed joins as an Investment Advisor Representative. Reed is responsible for his own managed clients as well as his own individual tax practice. Prior to joining Atlas, Reed and his wife owned their own cafe'/smoothie restaurant in the Fort Wayne area. Reed has also worked in the banking industry.

Reed is an avid football fan, going from playing in high school to immediately coaching for a few years right after he graduated. Reed also enjoys snow skiing and tries to go at least once a year to Colorado.