Manage the Risk. Maximize the Opportunity

Atlas Capital Management was founded in 1993 to provide investors with an active approach to investing; an approach that recognizes the value of avoiding market declines and limiting losses. Using the right investment adviser and the right strategies can mean the difference between reaching your financial goals or falling short. Investors fail to recognize the risk of the financial markets and the damage market declines can do to a lifetime of savings until it is too late. They lack a disciplined, non-emotional approach to manage the risk of investing and to profit from upward trends. This is the strength of Atlas Capital Management.

It has never been more important to have your assets invested successfully and building value. With life spans lengthening, safety nets fraying, and incomes stagnating, the need to achieve personal financial security is paramount. But as investors have learned from the long years following the market’s collapses in 2000 and 2008, successful investing is anything but easy.

Just as investment performance moves in cycles, so do your investment goals and needs. When we are young, with our highest earning potential ahead, we can take greater risks. As our assets grow and retirement tops our financial objectives, the need for full-time management of our assets also gains importance — both for capital preservation and to assure that we reach our goals.

Atlas Capital Management’s mission is to see your investment portfolio succeed and allow you to achieve the financial security you need to reach your goals, including a long and worry-free retirement. To do so, we take a very disciplined approach to investing, an approach based on our belief that one of the best ways to make money is to reduce the risk of losing money in the first place. If you take that belief and combine it with a blend of active approaches to growing your assets, the results can be impressive.

“The market is like a train sitting on the tracks. You can see the direction it’s heading but you cannot dictate the time of departure. Those investors who put the market on a time table not only become frustrated but end up making foolish moves. Instead, get on the train, sit back and enjoy the scenery.”
— Roger Engemann, Financial Analyst, Money Manager and Philanthropist