Working With Atlas Capital

Atlas Capital Management Corporation, "Atlas" is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an Investment Adviser and is domiciled in Indiana. 

Atlas specializes in the management of client assets invested in retirement accounts, taxable investment accounts, annuities, variable life insurance contracts and other account structures. We use proprietary investment selection processes and active portfolio management strategies to manage client assets in response to changing market conditions. Descriptions of our strategies located under What We Do/Investment Strategies.

Our passion is creating and managing successful investment strategies that translate into sound investment portfolios for clients. We are compensated for our management services through an annual fee based on assets under management. We do not receive commissions, brokerage fees or incentive fees to promote one strategy over another. Our goals coincide with our clients’ financial objectives, namely to manage their accounts prudently and make their assets grow. 

To bring Atlas’ strategies to individual investors, we work with registered representatives of securities firms and with registered investment advisers who provide the essential link between individual clients and Atlas. A portion of Atlas’ annual advisory fee is shared with the investment representative’s firm as long as we manage the account. Our advisory fee remains the same regardless of whether or not there is an investment professional representing the client.

Working with your investment representative, you determine the appropriate strategy mix for your portfolio and complete the required account applications and forms. Typically, a client portfolio contains a blend of the different strategies. In fact, because our individual strategies have shown different results in varying market conditions, we recommend that clients utilize more than one strategy to diversify their portfolios. Several sample portfolios located under What We Do/Achieve Strategic Diversification.

All assets are held in the client’s name at their custodian, which will provide statements and/or online access to the account. This may be a brokerage firm, trust company, mutual fund, insurance company or other qualified custodian. The client assigns Atlas a limited power of attorney to make exchanges in the account in response to signals generated by the Atlas Capital investment models. With the exception of management fees deducted with the client’s authorization, Atlas has no access to the assets in these accounts.

Please contact us to start building an exciting, vital financial future with Atlas Capital Management.