What Our Clients Can Expect

Atlas Capital Management provides investment management services designed to optimize the risk-adjusted performance of your assets through investing in what our proprietary indicators tell us are the right asset classes for current market conditions.

Investment Tools

To do so, we may use any or all of the following: mutual funds, exchange traded funds, variable annuity accounts, stock baskets and other investment options that provide us with a diversified portfolio of investments, thus reducing individual security risk. Diversification does not eliminate market risk, however. Atlas Capital’s investment approaches strive to reduce market risk and increase the probability that client monies are invested in the top performing asset classes.

Is Atlas Capital Management a Registered Investment Adviser?

Atlas Capital Management is registered as an Investment Adviser with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. A copy of our ADV disclosure statement, with further background on our firm, management style and investment approaches, is available upon request, can be viewed immediately on this website, and can be found on the SEC’s Investment Advisor Public Disclosure site at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov.

What are the goals or objectives of the management strategies employed by Atlas Capital?

Our goal is to outperform the broad market indices over a full market cycle (4-6) years. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, however any time you reduce the impact of market downturns, you have additional leverage over a buy-and-hold position when the market turns back up.

Are your services suitable for Retirement Plans, IRA’s, Taxable Accounts and Variable Annuities?

Because most of our transactions are short-term in nature, Atlas’ strategies work well with tax-deferred accounts where taxes on gains are deferred until withdrawn at retirement. Tax deferral also allows gains that might have been lost to taxes to continue to grow in your account.   In July 2018 we introduced the tax-efficient  Elevation strategy designed to produce gains that would qualify as long term for tax purposes. As of 1/1/2018 the only annuity accepted for management is the Nationwide (formerly Jefferson National) Monument Advisor Variable Annuity.

Should I be concerned when my investments trail the markets?

When the financial markets adjust sharply either up or down, the strategies will likely trail the returns for a short space of time before adjusting to the longer term trends. Most of Atlas’s strategies are designed to move in phases, otherwise the strategies would likely be as volatile as the markets which is what these investors are striving to avoid.

How often will you review my accounts?

Our investment models are monitored each day. Whenever any model changes, these changes are then implemented in each clients account.

What determines when the investment accounts will move?

As circumstances in the financial markets change based upon ever-changing economic, political, and company specific news that can impact the markets, the various investment strategies can adjust from fully invested to heavily weighted in cash and other defensive investments that are designed to provide stability in volatile market environments.

How often is my account traded?

This depends on the program or strategies being utilized. Some programs trade as few as six times a year, while others trade several times a month. Tax-deferred accounts are best suited for those programs that trade frequently.

Do I lose control of the money?

No, the accounts will always remain in the client’s name. Atlas Capital has a limited power of attorney to make investment decisions within the account. This limitation is clearly stated in our Investment Management Agreement.

What type of records will I receive?

Atlas Capital does not custody assets or vote proxies. Each client will receive quarterly statements, and any proxy material, etc. directly from the participating custodian.

Atlas charges an annual fee based on a percentage of the accounts value. This fee is charged monthly in arrears and is prorated for actual number of days the account was managed during the first month of management.. We do not receive commissions, brokerage fees or incentive fees to promote one investment over another. Thus, Atlas’ goals coincide with our clients’ financial objectives: namely to manage your accounts prudently and make your assets grow. Our fees are as follows:

Fully Managed Accounts

First $250,000


Next $250,000


Next $500,000




Can I aggregate accounts for billing purposes?

Multiple accounts managed by Atlas Capital for the same household can be combined for the purpose of computing the management fee. Fees can be billed separately or withdrawn from the client’s account if permitted by the custodian.

Atlas has ceased offering new performance based compensation arrangements in an effort to comply with recently revised regulations and to conform to the Department of Labor's definition of a "Level-Fee Fiduciary."   However, several Atlas clients maintain legacy performance-based fee arrangements that are outlined in the Form ADV Part 2A and fully explained in the Adviser Section of the Investment Management Agreement.

I was referred to you by an Advisor. How is he/she compensated?

A portion of the annual advisory fee is shared with your investment advisor representative as long as we manage the account. Our advisory fee remains the same regardless or whether or not there is an investment advisor representative representing you. For more information regarding management fees please see the Adviser Section of the Investment Management Agreement.

Do I have to stay with your service for any length of time?

When a client hires us we would hope that it is the start of a very long term mutually profitable relationship. However, there is no obligation to do that. Per our Investment Management Agreement either party may terminate the agreement with written notice. For more information regarding termination please see the Termination Section of the Investment Management Agreement.

Can you guarantee results?

No. Investment decisions are based upon historical research and data believed to be reliable, but there is no guarantee that future performance will conform to the past, nor that it will be profitable.

How do I retain your services?

To retain Atlas Capital Management to manage your assets, talk with your investment representative regarding the appropriate investment and to obtain the required account applications and forms. If you do not have an investment representative you may contact Atlas Capital directly to determine if our services fit your needs. Upon receipt and review of all completed documents necessary for handling exchanges internally and at the custodian, Atlas will officially accept the account for management.