Products & Services

We provide the following Investment Management Services:

  1. Fee Based Investment Management Accounts
    1. Atlas does not custody assets and recommends accounts be maintained at TCA by E*TRADE
    2. Qualified and Non-Qualified Registration types 
    3. No Minimum Amount
    4. Atlas Capitals' basic client fee structure is as follows  
          First $250,000       2.00%
      Next $250,0001.75%
      Next $500,0001.50%
    5. Online Account Access
  2. Multiple Proprietary Investment Strategies
  3. Customized Portfolios/Strategic Diversification
  4. Active Portfolio Management
  5. Highest Standards of Professional Conduct and Customer Service
  6. Aggregated Billing Within Same Household
  7. Third Party Advisory Services available on Jefferson National Monument Advisor Annuity (limited to 15 strategies)
  8. Atlas Capital (Form ADV Part 2A)